By Yessu
The common conception of meditation is to sit down close your eyes and relax, as a way to bring peace to the mind. The meditation techniques from Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma begins at this mundane level and continues on to increasingly deeper and more profound levels of consciousness that can go far beyond what anyone can imagine and can completely transform your life and your perception of yourself and the world.
Human beings have the consciousness of vision, emanating through our eyes. Our eyes depend on light; if we take this light and focus it to a new level through the use of such methods as microscopes and telescopes we can peer deeper into the world to a level beyond our ordinary experience. Looking inward we can discover whole new universes of existence, the worlds of cells, atoms and molecules, and still further to the realm of quantum physics, and beyond. Looking outward into the sky we can see that the stars in the sky are part of vast galaxies millions, billions, or trillions in number and each containing millions, billions and trillions of stars. We can see into the beginning and end of the universe, and dimly, countless planets, like our own, possibly containing new forms of life and consciousness. Using different instruments we can see still further, perceiving new dimensions and forms of energy, microwaves, electricity, radiation, gravity, radio waves, and so on.
All these vast and endless realms are right in front of us, but they are invisible to us, until we take our ordinary conscious of vision and enhance it by focusing light to a higher level.
The meditation techniques of the Dharma focus not the light of normal vision, but the light of consciousness. The practitioner can enhance his mental perception and inner vision to extend beyond the ordinary level and reveal unimaginably vast new levels of existence that were previously hidden beyond perception.
When human consciousness expanded to include the realms of cells, stars, atoms, molecules, and energy beyond sight, it was not just a discovery that was interesting on an intellectual level. The knowledge gained by seeing and studying the previously hidden dimensions of reality led to tremendous, powerful changes of our everyday lives. Medicine, electricity, energy, transportation, communication and more were born from, are experienced a revolution in response to these new discoveries and transformed the world, bringing previously impossible or unimaginable dreams into solid existence, filling the world with comforts and wealth, and raising humanity that once lived in forests and caves to fly through the air, and even beyond the Earth itself.
In the same way expanding the consciousness of our minds, and exploring the new frontiers thereby revealed opens up the knowledge, power, and energy, that makes impossible accomplishments an everyday reality, and the increases the peace and prosperity of the soul to tremendous dimensions, and ultimately allows the practitioner to see beyond this body, this life and this Earth, into whole new levels of existence.
While the discoveries of humanity in the exterior realm have benefited mankind materially, our interior life, spirit and soul have moved far too slow in the transformative period of the past few centuries. In some cases, such as our connection to the Earth, to ourselves, and each other, humanity has even regressed. And so the god like power mankind has attained in the physical realm has become a great benefit, but also a tremendous danger. Knowledge can illuminate the darkness and power the machinery to deliver physical freedom to move across the Earth, and create material prosperity for billions, but the power of material science is just as susceptible to greed, anger, and fear, as any other power possessed by mankind, that same power that can benefit us and fill the world with light and life can also harm us and fill the world poison, destruction, and death.
The greatest power and the benefit of Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma is that it turns us inward to explore the contents of our hearts, and to contemplate the nature of our desires and emotions allowing us to cultivate within us what is good, and weed out what is harmful and destructive. Through this inner science we can balance the tremendous external power of mankind with the internal power of wisdom and compassion, and know how to use it for good and not evil.
With a huge population of billions of human beings, growing by the day, and with ever increasing powers bestowed by technology, the world is in a precarious position. The erosion of natural systems that protect, regulate, and purify the air, soil, and water, the decline of other species, the over exploitation of natural resources, and increasing tensions and threat of military confrontations or epidemic diseases and famines, are all a result of the imbalance of humanity’s external power and its internal wisdom.
Guang Huan Mi Zong offers the best method to resolve this problem and ensure the future of the planet is that of paradise, and not a hell. For everyone who sees the problems of the world, the suffering of others and wants to help, the best place to start is to purify and empower yourself. Only then will you have the clarity of wisdom to see the path you need to walk, and the confidence and inner power to overcome any obstacle.