By Elise
Around 20 years ago, when I was in high school, one day one of my good friends irritated me for some reason that I couldn’t recall, and I was trying to punch her from the back, not hard, or with the intention to hurt her, but certainly with some intention of bullying and intimidating.
At that moment, I felt an excruciating pain in my right shoulder caused by dislocation. I was not even able to groan, I fell down on my knees, burst into tears and tried to keep conscious with the almost unbearable pain. It took me a while to relocate my right arm, and it was another acute pain that made me hold my breath and sweat with agony. In the next two or three weeks, I had to treat my shoulder carefully until the swelling and inflammation were gone.
In the following years, the shoulder dislocation became recurrent; whatever occasion that I had to throw my shoulder, like playing badminton, I would easily get hurt. I was forced to use my left arm for anything that might cause my right shoulder to be dislocated again. However, it was not totally avoidable.
Ever since I started the Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma practice in 2007, and came to the Western Shrine in 2008, the shoulder dislocation happened occasionally, but I could tell the pain had been greatly alleviated and the speed of recovering had doubled. It was already a great blessing for me, and I could continue using my right arm after that.
The most recent instance happened in October 2013. The dislocation lasted around one or two minutes before I managed to relocate my shoulder back into its socket. The most incredible thing was, I didn’t feel any pain. After that I was helping with some heavy work like carrying boards and shoveling concrete for hours for the rest of the day, without reducing the strength of my right arm. When I realized that this dislocation didn’t even affect me in a minor way, the indescribable feeling I had: this is beyond the explanation that modern life science can provide. That can only be called a miracle.
Not long after that, I found that, in all these years, deep down in my heart, I perceived myself as a victim of an accident, and every time the dislocation occurred, I would regard it as “being careless and unlucky”. But I never truly repented about my ill intention and behavior about to hurt others at that moment years ago. This can be perfectly explained with the Law of Cause and Effect. The cause of my wrongful thought and action resulted in the bad karma which manifested in the effect of enormous pain.
Along the years that I’ve worked on different projects in the Western Shrine, including promoting Buddhism, goodness, health, and peace, I have gained the merits that helped me to “cancel” my bad karma from the past. Moreover, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s Dharma guided me to reflect on myself and confess my faults, as well as helped me experience fundamental changes inside my body and discover the root of suffering to better understand the Law of Cause and Effect. That’s what Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma can do to relieve people from affliction and pain.