By: Mew-Yee

Linda Torres, a grandma of seven lovely kids, is at her age of 57. She has been suffering from asthma for fifty years, and had used several types of sprays in liquid form and tablet for her asthma,. She used to take nebulized steroid four times per day and other medications for stomach. Even worse, she needed to go to hospital every month for oxygen treatment and higher dosage of steroid in ER; it takes her three hours each time. She had to carry all these bottles of medications around with her most of the time. She once was fired because of her asthma. She had to go to work with the nebulizer. Linda had tried too many methods to find a way out, but none of it could really help her. Life was filled with miseries.

One day, Linda saw a sign in the hallway, stating the 3-day course of Guang Huan Mi Zong Three-Tier Health Yoga Dharma, which could heal many diseases with amazingly fast effect. She decided to go at once as her mind told her to do that. On the first day, she learned about the origin of this precious dharma. Before the practice session, she was still using her asthma spray. During the practice, she felt so hot as if the fire was burning on her neck and chest, and her blood pressure went up very quickly. The feeling and experience was so special for her when she saw red and white flashing spots, as if the light entered her body and treated parts. When the practice finished, all the heat was gone, and she felt so much relieved afterwards. When Linda realized that she didn’t have to use the spray again, she was so happy!

ed-DSC_1979On the first day before the session began, Linda’s blood pressure was 170/100, and went down to 160/90 on the second day, and then 145/80 on the third day. How incredible was that! Such great experience made Linda bring her daughter to the course on the second day. This young lady found her pain on feet and knees relieved. She felt happier than ever before.

Linda expressed her appreciation wholeheartedly: “…I did enjoy every moment and also want to thank everyone. I believe and know I am getting heal and will be heal of all my sickness and I know I will be free from all this sickness and I want to say thank-you everyone…”