By Joshua
Countless millions suffer from different mental disorders such as bipolar, anxiety, stress, and depression that drastically affect their quality of life. These mental conditions rob people of the joy of living, damage the quality of their work and the success of their careers, lead to friction and ill will among friends and family, result in physical disorders such as high blood pressure, and insomnia, and can even lead to death or suicide. Many people face additional suffering from a perceived social stigma of mental disease, hiding their daily suffering and torment beyond a false façade of normalcy.
Available treatments through conventional medicine are expensive, ineffective, and can have damaging side effects. Some people are reduced to taking a host of medications each and every day to try and make their life livable while at the same time taking additional medications to combat the side effects of the first. Others see therapists or counselors for years without a definitive relief of their condition. Both methods require yearly costs of thousands of dollars and with little hope or no hope of real recovery.
For the people who suffer from mental disorders, there is a new technique to help them liberate themselves from suffering. Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi’s Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma provides a ray of light and hope to illuminate their dark situation and transform their pain and anguish into happiness and joy.
The Dharma works on different levels, treating each person as individual with different causes for their conditions. The first step is to provide immediate relief and clarity through the esoteric art of energy transmission and the Secret Code.
The compassionate, healing life energy, provided by the Holy Master during a Dharma classes has the effect of calming the mind, relaxing it and providing the clarity that students need to reflect on themselves and find their way out of their condition. This energy can also mitigate their physical conditions, lowering their blood pressure, chronic pain, and allowing them to get a good night’s sleep.
The initiation of the Secret Code connects the practitioners with the collective consciousness of the cosmos, allowing a new stream of thought and reflection to occur in their minds, opening them up to new perspectives and cathartic realizations that can transform their mental landscape.
Those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, upon attending a Dharma class can come away with a new feeling of happiness, peace, and joy that can lift them temporarily out of suffering and give them the sustenance and hope to practice the daily meditation that will keep them energized and connected, and ultimately let them escape entirely their mental suffering and replace it with ever deepening level of joy, freedom, and realization.