The following is the story of Catherine, a practitioner of Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma:

“I had been weak and sick since I was young. After moving to the United States, I was under the pressure of work and study which led to my migraine, lower back pain and neurasthenia. I had consulted many doctors and taken many drugs but still had not recovered. During the past year, I was haunted by evils, and my energy and mental condition were extremely poor. Life was hopeless for me. Should I take medicine for the rest of my life?

“I was lucky to learn Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma from Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi. I was much happier and felt my life was full of hope. The merciful Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi treated me through esoteric dharma. On the third day of practice, I felt a current circulating inside my body and very comfortable. My lumbago and headache disappeared. My spirit was enhanced; the evil influence vanished. My face is now glowing. My physical condition was restored to the level of how I was 20 years old.

“It is a miracle in this world. In the world that promotes materialism and logic, if somebody told me that 5-day treatment could cure numerous illnesses, I would not believe this if I did not experience this. However, this actually happened to me.

“I am a well educated person with a Master Degree and did not believe this in the past. But now, I will use my own thorough physical and mental change to show those who do not believe, so that they can cast aside their attachment and their limited knowledge to learn the unlimited Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma. And, they can experience in person the unlimited power of Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi.”