A Maha Meditator can be anyone from any race, religion, ethnic group or social status. They practice Maha Meditation for the sake of improving their physical and mental health, developing spiritual insight and inner strength, and helping others in the world.

4 Traits of Maha Meditators

Sincerity: They sincerely pray for help and guidance to overcome their suffering and obstacles.

Faith: They put their trust in Holy Ziguang Shang Shi as a person to guide them, and in Maha Meditation as a method to achieve their goals.

Persistence: They practice Maha Meditation persistently according to the instructions they receive.

Compassion: They have the hearts of doing good deeds and helping others.

Through Maha Meditation, they are able to –

Boost the energy level that helps them to accomplish their work and enjoy their play;
Explore the ability and potential for advancing to a higher state of being;
Develop the wisdom that lets them make a difference to the community or workplace they belong to;
Help others in the most proper, effective and rewarding way.

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