By Elise

When the East Coast was hit by a bone-chilling cold amid the “bomb cyclone” snowstorm, a group of practitioners from a Buddhist temple in upstate New York took it as a great timing to perform a secret practice called “Inner Fire Dharma.”

On January 7, 2018, the outside temperature was -9.4 F°, feeling like -22 F°, around 20-30 F° lower than average, on the Holy Mountain, where these Buddhist preachers were meditating in the snow for around 20 minutes, almost naked except being covered by their red dharma-robe, a piece of cloth.

This astonishing Practice cannot be completed without the energy channeling from their venerable Guru, Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, who is the founder of the Buddhist denomination called Guang Huan Mi Zong, and a large spiritual center, “Holy Mountain Buddha Land.”

Some strong people who have been through some specialized trainings might be able to resist the cold and sit in the snow for some time, but the result from this ancient esoteric Buddhist practice is beyond incredible.

For thousands of years, the “Inner Fire Practice” (“Jue Huo” in Chinese, also known as “Tummo” in Tibetan) is a mysterious yet powerful esoteric cultivation that spiritual practitioners who are pursuing Enlightenment always dreamed of. The Inner Fire can help them develop unprecedented pure wisdom and receive some amazing spiritual energy that can lead to transcendental bliss and awakening of soul. The Practice can enhance the foundation towards advanced level of esoteric practice that leads to “Great Achievement.”

The Inner Fire Practice requires proper instructions from a qualified authentic “Vajra Guru.” Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, the Vajra Guru who taught the secret mudras (hand gestures) and mantra of this Practice to his disciples, has masters all esoteric practices from “Nine Vehicle Great Perfection Dharma” (“Mahasandhi” in Sanskrit). Without the Guru’s specific instructions and guidance, the practice result will have counter effects.

According to Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, Inner Fire Practice is a way to ignite the “spiritual fire” inside a human body to generate enormous heat in order to burn away impurity inside of the body. Bad karma and negative energy can be purged as a result. There are a lot of potentials remain encrypted in human body; through learning Guang Huan Mi Zong’s esoteric practices, those hidden abilities can be stimulated, awaken, and unleashed.

To qualify for this special practice, the Buddhist Preachers are required to have at least three years’ full-time training under Holy Master in the temple, and they should have over three years’ experience of Dharma practice. Other than the foundational requirements, they had to go through several prerequisite training stages beforehand so they could be permitted to meditate in the snow.

Preacher Jennie Wong, a practitioner of over 20 years, said: “I felt incredible vital energy burning outward from inside of me, like hot lava from a volcano flowing throughout my body, in a vision of Kundalini… Beautiful celestial music turned into a symphony performing in the wind.”

The other Preachers who have over 10 years’ practice history also share what they experienced.

“The heat rose up in a much faster and more powerful way than I expected.” Said Preacher Miao Xi, “I felt it was so intense that I almost couldn’t contain the bliss. The energy from heat was raising in me, and I saw beams of light, blessing us.”

Preacher Miao Jue felt amazing tranquility during the practice, without any fear of the extreme coldness. “I felt fire sparked from my base chakra and burning all over my body inside of me. I was emerging in the energy blessing of this cultivation.”

Preacher Miao Ru was really excited, “I’m really grateful for this opportunity. Fire was burning inside of me, and the wind was like the warm spring breeze amidst the powerful energy channeling down from above into the top of my head.”

 “Far from being cold,” Preacher Miao Yi said, “we were all greatly empowered by Holy Master. When chanting the secret mantra that combined with hand gestures, we were attuning our body, speech, and mind to build more resiliency to cold and hardship.”

“This is one of the Dharma practices that can better a person’s wellbeing.” Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi said. With his compassion for everyone, Holy Master wished more people could know about Esoteric Dharma practices, so that they could improve their health and increase the ability to handle difficulties in life. For this purpose, a new program, “One Day Zen,” is launched by Guang Huan Mi Zong to facilitate its mission of promoting human health.

Interested in Inner Fire Practice?

Start with Guang Huan Mi Zong’s “One Day Zen”, the easy-to-learn foundational meditation practice for beginners can lead you to a whole new level as to your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.