Mei Yang

The respected and beloved Holy Ziguang Shang Shi,

I am Mei Yang, your converted student from Shenzhen. I was shocked by every sentence of your dissemination in the Converted Student Course, and thirstily absorbing the nourishment from your teaching just like a dry sponge absorbing water.

Your words were just like a mirror in my life through which I could see all my weakness; they also enlighten me and spur me to better behavior. Just as the eminent writer Lu Xun mentioned, “Being a human, either awakens in silence, or die in it.” I believe a human is born not only for himself/herself, but also to do justifiable contributions for society and all beings.

Before practicing Guang Huan Mi Zong Health Dharma, I was suffering from serious gynecopathy, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulders, hyperplasia of mammary glands and gastroenteritis. However, after practicing the Health Dharma for six months, not only my cervical vertebra, periarthritis of shoulder and gynecopathy were completely cured, but also my work, health and all aspects of life go on very well, which delighted me greatly.

Holy Master promotes world peace as well as human health. Without health, how can we disseminate Guang Huan Mi Zong Dharma, which is the supremacy of all Buddhist Esoteric Dharma?

By listening to Master’s guidance earnestly in this sacred Buddhism family, the knowledge I’ve learned in last two weeks had greatly exceeded what I could get in dozens of years in the Saha World. Every time when meeting with Holy Master, I always had too much to share with him, and was always close to bursting into tears.

Every time when seeing Holy Master taking the trouble to illuminate us, as a “daughter”, we always wanted to share his burden. However, our shoulders were too young and weak to hold all these. How eagerly did we want to grow up immediately, so that we could become the eagle on the prairie, hunting and traveling for our master! It was our Holy Master’s personality and his selfless love for all beings that deeply attracted us. How eagerly we wished we could follow him to guide the beings in the Secular World! To pursue the great mission of Guang Huan Mi Zong, I will guide all the predestinated sentient beings, and solicit to build up temples of God of Earth.